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This category includes vehicles for the local public transport for urban and inter-city transport.?On low-floor city buses with direct access to the floor, Car Oil offers a full range of ramps to be installed directly under the central door of the vehicle.?On buses, intercity high-floor on which steps allow the internal access to the floor, Car Oil provides a complete range of lifts placed inside the step compartment of the vehicle, which allows the access to the floor of any vehicle.

RPB/350 model, on his basic version, is powered directly at the vehicle door. If the driver can’t move, our equipments can equally provide the proper functioning of the lift.

RPB/350 N model, is complete with automatic handrails mounted directly on the platform.

RPB / TL model has an automatic telescopic platform granting a significant reduction of the lift structure dimensions. This feature allows the installation on small size buses.
For coaches Car Oil has developed the RPB 350 HDH model. This lift is operated directly at the vehicle door ensuring the access to the floor up to a maximum of 1800 mm above the ground.

RC120 NBT 04 model, with loading capacity of 300 kg, is the electric version powered directly by the driver. It is provided with a safety front sensitive edge blocking the movement of the platform in case of wrong use.

RCM115 model, is the manual loading ramp operated by the driver, with a loading capacity of 300 kg. The connection to the vehicle floor is assisted by gas springs and mechanical blocking system which ensure the safety. It is suitable for installation on vehicles without help provision.

RCM 90 model, is the inlaying ramp with manual opening flap, powered by the driver, with a load capacity of 350 kg. The self-supporting structure in steel and aluminum exagon shaped, ensure an easy and lightness use. The mechanical blocking system avoids any inproper use.