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Minibus category includes vehicles with own weight of 5 ton, used by private companies and local corporation for city and long-distance transports.
On Minibuses, Car Oil offers a full range of internal and under-floor lifts, rear or side installed in accordance to the features of the vehicle.
The range of cassette under frame lifts, with load capacity of 300 kg, is the ideal solution for the best use of the original space inside the vehicle.?These retracting lifts, to be installed under the vehicle, are provided with closed  box and automatic ramp flaps on ground. With easy rear or side installation, they differ by type of vehicle and needs of user. The platform can be automatic or semi automatic.

RPI 300 model is the optimal application to access into high floor minibuses. The semi-automatic platform with manual opening is located inside steps compartment of the vehicle with the possibility to adjust the lifting of the platform over the level of access. The simplicity of operation and the versatility of adjustments allow its lateral doors or inside vehicle installation.

RPH 300 N model is provided with completely closed structure, semi-automatic platform and manual opening flap. It can be rear or side installed.

The range of internal lifts is the quickest and easiest solution of installation on most type of vehicles. The technical requirements of the product makes it suitable for frequent uses. These lifts are different depending on the type of vehicle and user needs.

2BB 360 model, with load capacity of 360 kg, is the most complete lifts of its category. The strength, speedy and versatility of installation make this application suitable for intensive use with heavy loads. Double column lift, with fully automatic folded platform, it allows the driver direct vision to the rear of the vehicle.

RC120 NBT 04 model, with loading capacity of 300 kg, is the electric version powered directly by the driver. It is provided with a safety front sensitive edge blocking the movement of the platform in case of wrong use.

RCM115 model, is the manual loading ramp operated by the driver, with a loading capacity of 300 kg. The connection to the vehicle floor is assisted by gas springs and mechanical blocking system which ensure the safety. It is suitable for installation on vehicles without help provision.

RCM 90 model, is the inlaying ramp with manual opening flap, powered by the driver, with a load capacity of 350 kg. The self-supporting structure in steel and aluminum exagon shaped, ensure an easy and lightness use. The mechanical blocking system avoids any inproper use.